Reproductive Services

Artificial insemination 
Artificial insemination is an assisted reproductive technique that is used to counteract some of the causes of canine infertility. An artificial insemination may be preformed because of possible inability and/or unwillingness to cover as well as dams having difficulty achieving and maintaining a successful pregnancy.

Progesterone Testing 
We offer in house blood progesterone testing with results in as little as 15 minutes. Progesterone testing is the most effective way to tract ovulation for breeding purposes. 

Pregnancy test
Our pregnancy tests are run on a blood sample and are considered 100% accurate at or after 32 days. They're ran in house and give us a clear result in 15 minutes. 

X-ray puppy count
X-raying allows us to have an idea of how many puppies to expect. The expecting mother needs to be at least 42 days into her pregnancy for a puppy count.  Prior to 42 days the puppies bones are not developed enough to be seen on X-ray. 

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